Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dropping Entrecard

I just had my entrecard today. Since I am new to blogging am kinda learning the tricks and trade of this myself. For entrecard users I guess we change and drop points.... Now am looking for members who need to be dropped...I guess I can post this today since I am blog hopping and changing links. Am getting the hang out of blogging and changing link...it is absorbing somehow , this is still a learning process. Read More......

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Best free anti virus software

From time to time I talk to few friends that come across this nasty web virus. I know lots of internet users know how easy a PC could get infected. I always recommend my friends to use AVG free version for basic protection and it does not slow down the speed of your PC. I used to subscribe expensive Norton live updates but I still get infected. Now I am using the free version of AVG antivirus and I have no problem for almost a year now. Read More......

Changing the Desktop Background for Windows 7 starter

When I  bought my new netbook few months ago it never occured to me to change the desktop backgroud or shall I say customize it...Just recently I wanted to change it and now realizing that Windows 7 starter version don't let you change background just that easy compare to XP and previous versions....I can upgrade my operatng system for that purpose or I can somehow install a program to do the trick. Like usual, I was using the google search and there. I just found the trick to  my problem. I installed Oceanis Change Background Windows 7. It worked for my netbook. Read More......

Monday, June 28, 2010

How to get the "Feed URL" the easiest way

As a new Blogger I am having a hard time figuring out how to  do stuffs around...I can  edit pages and layout ok but blogging is like a new route for me. Until I was stuck with this question..how to get the FEED URL?  ahhhhh  after messin and googling shall I call it...I  got idea but I kinda like to get the easier way instead of getting the Source code like most I read........all you do is  edit this :


OR you could also try to "right click on your own "subscribe button" that look like this
then click " COPY LINK LOCATION"  I prefer this one  because it will eliminate the confusion specially is you are using feedburner and don't know what rss feed url to use. goodluck. Read More......

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Taking the first step.

First step seems always the hardest thing to do. I can remember back when I was scared riding the airplane hehehe. But look now I so love to travel. Here I am making my first post , thank God to a friend who inspired me to take the step and instead of waste my time doing nothing, now I can use my time into something useful and somewhat love to do..that is sharing ideas , links and most specially learning . I once heard a co worker said that if you don't learn something a day, then you are not doing good. Goodluck to to my blogging days.
Read More......