Monday, June 28, 2010

How to get the "Feed URL" the easiest way

As a new Blogger I am having a hard time figuring out how to  do stuffs around...I can  edit pages and layout ok but blogging is like a new route for me. Until I was stuck with this question..how to get the FEED URL?  ahhhhh  after messin and googling shall I call it...I  got idea but I kinda like to get the easier way instead of getting the Source code like most I read........all you do is  edit this :


OR you could also try to "right click on your own "subscribe button" that look like this
then click " COPY LINK LOCATION"  I prefer this one  because it will eliminate the confusion specially is you are using feedburner and don't know what rss feed url to use. goodluck.


JinKaiser13 said...

Same here.. I tried and tried, first thing I ever did was copy the link of my rss
next I clicked it myself and got this
Im currently using feedburner's url and I still don't knnow if it's working.. aha.. wish me luck mate..

jh3riz24 said...

I am using feedburner now too, a friend recommended it..now I am not sure which feed url am gonna use lolz...i guess we both need wishin luck ....goodluck to us

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