Friday, July 30, 2010


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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I've been asked few times which one is my preference between the two. I would say is there a comparison? For me huh , magic jack is cool but it just don't meet my needs. I won't mind spending extra $10-20 for whole year subscription is it has all the things that I needed for VOIP. WHY NOT MAGIC JACK? for one thing, magic jack neede pc to use.You plug the gizmo to a pc , install driver and there it converts your USB plug into a RJ11 socket (phone plug). SO in short, you need a computer to use the unit. Hmmmmm if I would just use the computer to call, I might as well pc to pc call then it's free..totally!! there I can view the person am talking to on cam lol. Yes magic jack has one yr subscription and a phone number included....but, I can get that without having to plug a gizmo???? so why gizmo? just so you can plug the phone right? Actually if MJ will have the feature that I needed, then i would switch to MJ anytime..... Why I choose skype? Number one thing, lots of ways to call, I can use an cellphone , symbian , you can still use your pc, or use a wifi skype phone or wireless skype phone you dont need to be tied to your pc, that's number one thing and you dont need even a pc on if you choose..Now even "skype to go" number, this is a number you can dial from your cellphone and you can access your skype subscription.There is call forwarding included with your subscription and you can set up your caller id.

HOW TO CALL INTERNATIONAL UNLIMITED DIRECTLY FROM YOUR CELLPHONE ? Like what I do, I subscribe to unlimited world with that I can call 40 countries directly from my cellphone, unlimited!!! how? I go to skype account, buy the "unlimited world" subscription. after that , I set up my account for a "skype to go" number. This is an access number you will dial from your cellphone, like a card access numbers. although this one is prepaid already and set up automatically and recognize your cellphone number. Then log in to your account on your cellphone provider site, in my case I have AT&T, so I log in at&t and added that skype to go number I activated in skype so I can call this number unlimited from my cellphone, like T-mobile my faves. You just simply add the number to your unlimited calling. Now with that set. You can now dial that skype to go number from your cellphone for free, then that access number will ask you what number international you wanted to dial..(note:this only worked if you subscribe monthly unlimited or yearly to SKYPE for unlimited u.s. and canada comparable to magic jack is 19.95/yr skype is 36.00/yr minus 15 % off for promo ;P) Like I said I dont mind paying extra 20 $ for portability because if I am stuck using pc, no need to plug a gizmo..Next blog I would explain how to recieve call from a skype and let your provider think it's mobile to mobile unlimited lol. now can magic jack do that?

CONCLUSION: THIS post is mainly my personal opinion and what I believe works best for my personal need regarding the comparison. Magic Jack is good for people who don't mind being tied up on computer. Just do your own research before you decide which one best for you. Read More......

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Mozilla Update Messed up My Blog Layout

It came to me by surprise when I woke up this morning and found out my layout was changed. I thought I made a big boo boo and messed up my layout...then I started doing my Entrecard drops and found other blogger sites that have same problem. Although when I looked at my page on different browser, It looked ok. I just wonder if the new Mozilla Firefox Update I made this morning has something to do with it. After browsing on my other laptop and not having done the said update, my page looked ok. If that is the case I might have to undo that update because I can't stand looking at my page this miserable. Well , unless I would use different browser of they would fiz the problem. Anyone have same problem yet? Read More......

Monday, July 26, 2010

BC Blogger 4 trade link SeCret check this out

Calling all bloggers who want to gain friends in the blogosphere and build links at the same time – BC Bloggers 4 is now open. To join just visit Paula's Place, read the requirements, and fill out the Application Form. This is an opportunity to join a community  of blogger who are welling to  trade links. Please click the link for more info.

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Friday, July 23, 2010


This is just illustrated instruction how to claim your BLOG in ALEXA.COM

did some experiment and it worked.If you are using BLOGGER.com.I am sure fellow

bloggers like me have same question ,  we can't upload in

root directory in blogger.com. I only see   "MANUAL VERIFY"
claim alexa
1. Log in to ALexa.com and click "for site owners".

2. It will show Services but go down to "Manage your site"  and click "CLAIM YOUR SITE".

3. Type in your BLOG URL in the box and then Click ".CLAIM YOUR SITE Make sure you type in the  full URL address.
how to claim blog in alexa

4. It will show some code . Choose option 2 "VERIFY MY META TAG" . COPY the META Tag
claiming blogspot in alexa

5. Log in to BLOGGER.COM,  click "EDIT DESIGN"  and make sure you are on
 "EDIT HTML" mode then insert the META TAG  you copied from ALEXA.COM right after "<head> "  (section check illustration  above)

claim blog


claim blogspot
7. Now go back to Alexa.com  page again and CLICK " Verify My MetaTag"

claim in alexa
8. Confirmation  window that you  made it. You should be done!! I hope this works for you.

9.If you find this helpful please WRITE  ME A REVIEW TO ALEXA

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Saturday, July 17, 2010


It's been a year now since I last visited Cebu City. Cebu is just my place to visit everytime I go to Pinas. I don't really go to real fancy hotels but I want a place that is clean, comfortable and location is a big thing. Last year we checked in at Cebu Grand Prix Econotel. I was very pleased with their service, the rooms are clean , free breakfast,all rooms have access to WIFI (good speed too) it is right across from Robinson's in Fuente OsmeƱa . Restaurants are just few steps away like Jolibee, Chowking and Robinson's "food court". Night life Cebu Grand Prix Econotel for bar hopping is just 100 steps away where Mango Square is the place to go for bar hopping and clubbing.

cebu accommodation

Standard Room

  • 12 sqm
  • One (1) mini double bed
Rates start at PHP 1100

cebu granprix

Superior Room

  • 12 sqm
  • One (1) double bed
Rates start at PHP 1300

cebu grand prix

Deluxe Room

  • 14 sqm
  • One (1) mini double bed
  • One (1) single bed
Rates start at PHP 1599
cebu acccomodation

Deluxe Premium

  • 14 sqm
  • Cabinet
  • One (1) Queen-sized bed
  • One (1) mini double bed and One (1) single bed
cebu accommodation

 Family Room
  • 19 sqm
  • Bathtub
  • Mini refrigerator
  • One (1) matrimonial bed
  • One (1) mini double bed
Rates start at PHP 1899

cebu accommodation

Junior Suite

  • 17 sqm
  • Cabinet
  • One (1) queen-sized bed
  • Mini refrigerator
Rates start at PHP 1699

cebu gran prix

Suite Room

  • 21 sqm
  • Bathtub
  • Mini refrigerator
  • One (1) king-sized bed
Rates start at PHP 2200

cebu grand prix

 Family Suite
  • 19 sqm
  • Two (2) cable television
  • Receiving area
  • One (1) queen-sized bed
  • Mini refrigerator
  • Mini kitchen
  • Microwave oven
  • Coffee-making facility
  • Bathtub
  • Loft-type bedroom
Rates start at PHP 2700 Read More......

Sunday, July 11, 2010

How to backup Wii games using WiFi

I have posted before on how to  modify a Wii game console  to play  back up games . Now I will share on how to  back up a Wii game using Wifi connection.

You will need :Hacked Wii Game console , ISO Dumper (application installed in your console), IMGBURN ( to copy and burn dvd), PC using Firefox browser and  WiFi connection and of course DVD burner.

First of all  you will need to have your Wii game console already modified using the HOMEBREW CHANNEL hack. You then need to install  the WiiHTTP Dumper  .
in your hacked Wii Using SD card. It may sounded really complicated but it is really simple. Of course you will need an ISO burner  program  or a dvd copier.  I would recommend using IMGBURN...it is free and it really worked charm for  dvd copying. I dont even know why it is free.

Now with all that done, It is just a matter of clicks . First you will need to  turn you Wii and  run WiiHTTP Dumper application  through Homebrew Channel.
Once it loads, it will connect to your wireless network and  show  IP address of Wii. Just make sure the Game disc is in .  Copy the IP address of your Wii console and go to your PC.

Open your Firefox browser ( I just prefer this over EI  I think it is faster) and type in the Wii IP address in te address bar and load it. Immediately you will see three Links in your browser... It will be Wii SL Iso , Wii DL Iso and GM Iso .  Most Wii Games uses the SL - single layer Iso although  Mario cart wheels ans Super Smash Bros. uses DL-double layer Iso.  Right click on "SL Iso" and click download.... everything should just  ask where you wanted the file saved. May need to rerpeat until sucessful full download. Usually takes 3-4 hours depends on speed.

Now with your ISO already downloaded and you are ready to burn the newly dowloaded ISO to make a game disc.

I recommend IMGBURN  because it simple worked and it is free.
Put the DVD disc in and  click "Write Image File to Disc"  and then confirm and click "Write" (make sure the speed is not to fast , I set up mine at 4x . Another thing , some people thinks it depends on  what brand of DVD you use, but  I really never had problem  backing up mine even with cheap  brands and I have tried doing it both dvd+ or dvd- . Goodluck Read More......

Friday, July 9, 2010


Decided to stay blogging and keep my relationship still intact. Sometimes it is hard to choose between the passion of what you are doing and the person you love. Why can't it be both? I am lucky she finally compromised and accepted my recent passion for blogging. I guess I could be more sensitive next time regarding spending quality time with her. I admit I've been busy and hardly given her my full attention but it was all a misunderstanding and lack of communication. I realized it was not all her fault. Sorry CHICK.I Love you. Read More......

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Saying Goodbye Over Blogging

Mark this day, I would say goodbye  to the person I love.  I guess  things do have limits . It is aweful feeling to feel this way. It's been few days now I've asked myself  if I can handle this...the stress is  just getting too much .  Those days that ****  is busy  and I thought chatting was a  way  to eat my timebut nah there were some down time. I just cant say it enough but the failing health of my Dad  is really getting into me, emotionally , financially and spiritually. Like I've been going into limbo. I may not sound that problematic but I do. It is hard to explain  how it is to be on my shoe.... I wish there is a way to say it into words, but I barely making it. My work is greatly affected and all I really look forward to is another day, thinking hopefully things will get better tomorrow...... Then I started blogging, I can't believe how I feel  so  relieved. Doing the things I like to do is fun. I look forward of doing it everyday and for the first 3 days, I was getting really extreme and figuring the ins and outs of blogging.  Now time that I have to choose between the love of my life and blogging. Do I dare choose? ... NO I REALLY CAN'T. Why should I have to choose when I could compromise? But I have not given an option, so I guess this is goodbye. Read More......

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Ever wonder who is hiding real stat in your yahoo messenger? Or you just wanted to know if your boyfriend or girlfriend is actually offline or is she? Hmmm think again , this will get you out of your hole if you are the one hidding lol. It is simple ,you don't need to download any software...just copy and past the yahoo name of your buddy in this link below:

Yahoo Invisible checker link 1

Yahoo invisible checker link 2

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

MODiFYING Your Wii Game Console FOr FREE & IT works

This I personally seen it done myself on someones WII....I thought it is one of the coolest hack on a Wii Game console. This product is free and it really worked. This hack will allow your Wii console to be able to play games you you burned into a DVD . Yes burning your own game into DVD. Imagine what you can do that and how many games you could burn and able to copy your own game disc for safe keeping...Those games cost a lot so save it for yourself.

This hack will need you to install a "Homebrew Channel" in your Wii Home Menu and there goes the rest of the programs that can play dvd, cd, play directly online and other cool stuff. Everything is free so download to your hearts content. I have to say , this software is actually sold by other "SCAMMERS" and offering this on EBAY for sale..Don't be fooled. There is actually a way to contact them if you happen to be one of those people that got scammed by other pretending to be "WII HACK GURU"...It is easy to follow but you do need to make sure you follow the instructions because it could get confusing if you dont.FOR MORE INFO PLEASE FOLLOW LINK >>>> HOMEBREW CHANNEL Read More......