Thursday, July 1, 2010

MODiFYING Your Wii Game Console FOr FREE & IT works

This I personally seen it done myself on someones WII....I thought it is one of the coolest hack on a Wii Game console. This product is free and it really worked. This hack will allow your Wii console to be able to play games you you burned into a DVD . Yes burning your own game into DVD. Imagine what you can do that and how many games you could burn and able to copy your own game disc for safe keeping...Those games cost a lot so save it for yourself.

This hack will need you to install a "Homebrew Channel" in your Wii Home Menu and there goes the rest of the programs that can play dvd, cd, play directly online and other cool stuff. Everything is free so download to your hearts content. I have to say , this software is actually sold by other "SCAMMERS" and offering this on EBAY for sale..Don't be fooled. There is actually a way to contact them if you happen to be one of those people that got scammed by other pretending to be "WII HACK GURU"...It is easy to follow but you do need to make sure you follow the instructions because it could get confusing if you dont.FOR MORE INFO PLEASE FOLLOW LINK >>>> HOMEBREW CHANNEL