Sunday, July 11, 2010

How to backup Wii games using WiFi

I have posted before on how to  modify a Wii game console  to play  back up games . Now I will share on how to  back up a Wii game using Wifi connection.

You will need :Hacked Wii Game console , ISO Dumper (application installed in your console), IMGBURN ( to copy and burn dvd), PC using Firefox browser and  WiFi connection and of course DVD burner.

First of all  you will need to have your Wii game console already modified using the HOMEBREW CHANNEL hack. You then need to install  the WiiHTTP Dumper  .
in your hacked Wii Using SD card. It may sounded really complicated but it is really simple. Of course you will need an ISO burner  program  or a dvd copier.  I would recommend using IMGBURN...it is free and it really worked charm for  dvd copying. I dont even know why it is free.

Now with all that done, It is just a matter of clicks . First you will need to  turn you Wii and  run WiiHTTP Dumper application  through Homebrew Channel.
Once it loads, it will connect to your wireless network and  show  IP address of Wii. Just make sure the Game disc is in .  Copy the IP address of your Wii console and go to your PC.

Open your Firefox browser ( I just prefer this over EI  I think it is faster) and type in the Wii IP address in te address bar and load it. Immediately you will see three Links in your browser... It will be Wii SL Iso , Wii DL Iso and GM Iso .  Most Wii Games uses the SL - single layer Iso although  Mario cart wheels ans Super Smash Bros. uses DL-double layer Iso.  Right click on "SL Iso" and click download.... everything should just  ask where you wanted the file saved. May need to rerpeat until sucessful full download. Usually takes 3-4 hours depends on speed.

Now with your ISO already downloaded and you are ready to burn the newly dowloaded ISO to make a game disc.

I recommend IMGBURN  because it simple worked and it is free.
Put the DVD disc in and  click "Write Image File to Disc"  and then confirm and click "Write" (make sure the speed is not to fast , I set up mine at 4x . Another thing , some people thinks it depends on  what brand of DVD you use, but  I really never had problem  backing up mine even with cheap  brands and I have tried doing it both dvd+ or dvd- . Goodluck


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