Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Mozilla Update Messed up My Blog Layout

It came to me by surprise when I woke up this morning and found out my layout was changed. I thought I made a big boo boo and messed up my layout...then I started doing my Entrecard drops and found other blogger sites that have same problem. Although when I looked at my page on different browser, It looked ok. I just wonder if the new Mozilla Firefox Update I made this morning has something to do with it. After browsing on my other laptop and not having done the said update, my page looked ok. If that is the case I might have to undo that update because I can't stand looking at my page this miserable. Well , unless I would use different browser of they would fiz the problem. Anyone have same problem yet?


oempak said...

I updated my FF but nothing changes on my blog layout, on IE it does, so I never use IE anymore

jh3riz24 said...

It was fixed, I don't know what is was bt it is ok now, it was whole day yesterday ...thanks

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