Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Saying Goodbye Over Blogging

Mark this day, I would say goodbye  to the person I love.  I guess  things do have limits . It is aweful feeling to feel this way. It's been few days now I've asked myself  if I can handle this...the stress is  just getting too much .  Those days that ****  is busy  and I thought chatting was a  way  to eat my timebut nah there were some down time. I just cant say it enough but the failing health of my Dad  is really getting into me, emotionally , financially and spiritually. Like I've been going into limbo. I may not sound that problematic but I do. It is hard to explain  how it is to be on my shoe.... I wish there is a way to say it into words, but I barely making it. My work is greatly affected and all I really look forward to is another day, thinking hopefully things will get better tomorrow...... Then I started blogging, I can't believe how I feel  so  relieved. Doing the things I like to do is fun. I look forward of doing it everyday and for the first 3 days, I was getting really extreme and figuring the ins and outs of blogging.  Now time that I have to choose between the love of my life and blogging. Do I dare choose? ... NO I REALLY CAN'T. Why should I have to choose when I could compromise? But I have not given an option, so I guess this is goodbye.


Jessel said...

dont worry my fren everything will fall into place with faith in God..you can always go back in blogging in your spare time..you did a wonderful job in blogsphere, better than I am so dont throw it away just come back when you are ready and not busy..i'll pray for you.

blankpixels said...

Aww... I hope you'll come back to blogging. You can simply limit yourself so you won't have to quit.

jh3riz24 said...

Yes am back and active.. thanks

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