Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I've been asked few times which one is my preference between the two. I would say is there a comparison? For me huh , magic jack is cool but it just don't meet my needs. I won't mind spending extra $10-20 for whole year subscription is it has all the things that I needed for VOIP. WHY NOT MAGIC JACK? for one thing, magic jack neede pc to use.You plug the gizmo to a pc , install driver and there it converts your USB plug into a RJ11 socket (phone plug). SO in short, you need a computer to use the unit. Hmmmmm if I would just use the computer to call, I might as well pc to pc call then it's free..totally!! there I can view the person am talking to on cam lol. Yes magic jack has one yr subscription and a phone number included....but, I can get that without having to plug a gizmo???? so why gizmo? just so you can plug the phone right? Actually if MJ will have the feature that I needed, then i would switch to MJ anytime..... Why I choose skype? Number one thing, lots of ways to call, I can use an cellphone , symbian , you can still use your pc, or use a wifi skype phone or wireless skype phone you dont need to be tied to your pc, that's number one thing and you dont need even a pc on if you choose..Now even "skype to go" number, this is a number you can dial from your cellphone and you can access your skype subscription.There is call forwarding included with your subscription and you can set up your caller id.

HOW TO CALL INTERNATIONAL UNLIMITED DIRECTLY FROM YOUR CELLPHONE ? Like what I do, I subscribe to unlimited world with that I can call 40 countries directly from my cellphone, unlimited!!! how? I go to skype account, buy the "unlimited world" subscription. after that , I set up my account for a "skype to go" number. This is an access number you will dial from your cellphone, like a card access numbers. although this one is prepaid already and set up automatically and recognize your cellphone number. Then log in to your account on your cellphone provider site, in my case I have AT&T, so I log in at&t and added that skype to go number I activated in skype so I can call this number unlimited from my cellphone, like T-mobile my faves. You just simply add the number to your unlimited calling. Now with that set. You can now dial that skype to go number from your cellphone for free, then that access number will ask you what number international you wanted to dial..(note:this only worked if you subscribe monthly unlimited or yearly to SKYPE for unlimited u.s. and canada comparable to magic jack is 19.95/yr skype is 36.00/yr minus 15 % off for promo ;P) Like I said I dont mind paying extra 20 $ for portability because if I am stuck using pc, no need to plug a gizmo..Next blog I would explain how to recieve call from a skype and let your provider think it's mobile to mobile unlimited lol. now can magic jack do that?

CONCLUSION: THIS post is mainly my personal opinion and what I believe works best for my personal need regarding the comparison. Magic Jack is good for people who don't mind being tied up on computer. Just do your own research before you decide which one best for you.


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I think skypeing is more popular:D

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