Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Thank you to all my Entrecard droppers and Congratulations to  the top ten . It's just my way to show how much your drop is appreciated. 'Til next month.
Dropper# of drops
The Horror Movie Show31
Funky Town Disco Music30
Denford Magora's Zimbabwe Blog30
Picture to People29
In The Eyes Of The Beholder29
Things We Share28
Serian Man28
The Everyday Adventurer28
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Free Calls Anywhere in U.S. & Canada using GMAIL (nothing to buy)

This is one of the coolest thing added in Gmail . What about the ability to call for free right from your GMAIL. Yes I have tried it and it works for free. I got excited just trying it although am not gonna use it much but I know there would be lots of people out there that can use this calls for free service. All I did was visit this LINK and install the plug in for your GMAIL then reboot your browser, log in to your gmail account (email) then on left panel u will see the "call phone". That's it , you are set for a free call to U.S. and Canada with nothing to but log in to your Gmail in any browser. Read More......

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Google Chrome Showing Some Malware Warning on Few Sites

I noticed earlier today when I tried to check my blog using Google Chrome and It showed this "Warning: Visiting this site may harm your computer! check out which code need to be deleted or else few blog sites will lose few potential traffic due to this warning. 
First check your blog by viewing it on Chrome.If you get the warning page then you will need to remove this widget/widgets off to fix the problem. This is the widget that shows popularity and drop value for entrecard. I believe this is just a third party plug in and Entrecard has nothing to do with this. I was alarmed to see such alert because this widget was working fine for months now and suddenly this.I want to mention it again that this only happens using Google Chrome browser..
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How To Change the Logo or Icon on Your Address Bar for Blogger.com account

change address bar icon

I have few people that says it don't work anymore. I actually went to few blogs talking about Blogger.com not allowing to customized the favicon on address bar or the title bar. Well, I've tried few codes and sure is,there are codes that did not work but after different trial and error, I found a code with lil editing, it worked for me. as you can see on my title bar has custom logo.It is simple yet takes few steps to follow . First you need to create a favicon or convert an image into .ICO extension (favicon- is short for favorite icon , URL icon ,website icon, shortcut icon) These sites will make you generate the favicon:

Site 1 IconJ is the answer to all favicon needs, it converts image to favicon and it can also host your favicon and you don't need to sign up . After you upload the image it will actually generate you the CODE . Choose "Host It at IconJ.com: (Direct Link) ." Copy the code .

jh3riz24 blog tips

Now log in to you Blogger.com account andedit your template html (it is a good habit to save and back up your template when u edit)
Find </head> using "Ctrl / Command + G" .Paste the code you copied from IconJ just before the </head> I just like to paste it here because it is easy to find and I dont have to mess with lots of <meta> tags.

"Save Template" , now when you visit your page, you should see the custom icon on title bar or the address bar.

Site 2. FAVICON.CC will make you create your own favicon and convert regular image into favicon format. SO this is still nice site to use if you want to make your own favicon then use ICONJ as your Favicon Host.

Site 3. Favicon Generator and Gallery also let you generate a favicon but the difference is you could also submit it to their gallery and they would add your icon as part of their change link system.

Review http://www.jh3riz24.net on alexa.com

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Monday, August 16, 2010


luv comment

comment luv

I finally getting the hang out of this new update I made to my Blog comment system. First,I modify my code to turn it into DoFollow which make my commenter able share my back link juice, it is kinda suicidal for rank hungry blogger as it will send negative impact to blog ranking when there are too much outbound links, but the positive still outweighs the negative impact as it will drive more traffic and encourage comments showing more numbers for "reach" and because of that I enable LUV COMMENT on my blog. It's not just sharing back link juice, but also showing your last blog entry. So please try and see for yourself the benefit of on your blog and I would like to add them to my DoFollow and CommentLuv list. Try to comment here and see how LUV Comment would work for your blog too Read More......

Saturday, August 14, 2010

How to Put YAHOO Status on Your Blog

How To Add Yahoo Messenger (YM) Status on your Blog


I just got an idea what to share today. When I get few questions that usually triggers my brain hehehe. That is why I so appreciate your querries because if it interests you, am sure it is important. How to put YM status on your blog and users also able to send messages directly to your yahoo messenger (just like I have on my top right widget part of my blog)...It is simple just copy the code below:


# Change YOUR_YM_ID with your own Yahoo ID
# Change t=1 to  different number , please refer to chart for the image and number code.

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Friday, August 13, 2010

I am sharing some buttons, feel free to grab

I just wanted to share some buttons I recenty made , feel free to grab. I will try to make more customized buttons and signatures like my blog signature lol... ohh well, I am just bored and these are things that I enjoy to do

jh3riz24 tips

friendly link change

more buttons check the rest

do follow


follow me on twitter

link u 2



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Monday, August 9, 2010

DoFollow Checker Plug in for Mozilla Firefox

I just recently converted my blog into a DoFollow to drive and encourage more comments. Now that I understand little bit more about DoFollow thingy, I got into thinking how could someone really be sure if that site is truly a "dofollow" blog? Of course we all know that checking the  source code would be the way but , is there easier? lol.. I like easier and faster because here when we are blogging, time is money and money is time, so 




think about faster way so we can do more for our time.So I found out that there is this plug ins for Mozilla Firefox  called 1. NoDoFollow and 2. SEO tools  that you can use and it literally highlighted all the dofollow links in blue and the nofollow links in  red. check it out. Now I just dont rely on the DOFOLLOW logo, you can actually be sure it is a legit dofollow site.

When NoDoFollow is installed all you have to do is restart  mozilla firefox ,"right click" on page and check NoDofollow to activate it and uncheck to deactivate it...(or for pages that Right click is disabled . just  click on "tools" then  check mark the NoDofollow plug in.

With SEO Tools You need to click the Logo on the bottom right  to turn it on and off and it should show all nofollow links in red...

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Real Work Online Get Paid while On FACEBOOK

I have personally tried this and It really worked, I just thought of sharing this as most of us wanted to earn lil extra while online....I got paid the day after I did my task. Real task , it is not paid per c_lick thing, it is real work that you have to do, categorizing business link and so on. The higher your credential, the bigger your rate per task.You manage your amount of time you want to spend doing the task. It don't cost you a thing to try , no credit cards no hassles, just simply add this apps to your FACEBOOK account If you have any questions just post comment.....


What's the work like?

Typical projects include image and video tagging, finding information online, and quick writing and editing projects. Work ranges in difficulty, and longer tasks typically pay more. With the variety of work offered, we’re sure you’ll find tasks you enjoy.


Why Earn Money With CloudCrowd?

  • No set schedule - Work for 5 minutes or 5 hours. Work at 2 PM or 2 AM.
  • Work wherever you want - Work from home, or wherever you're most comfortable--anywhere you have a computer and internet access.
  • Work today, get paid the next business day* - Your time is valuable, so you get compensated quickly.


How do I get paid?

You get paid the next business day via PayPal when your work is approved before 5:00PM Pacific Time. You need a PayPal account to get paid for the work you do on CloudCrowd. If you don't already have one, sign up for your free account here.

How do I deposit earnings into a bank account?

Paypal will directly deposit your earnings into your bank account if you chose. Alternatively, you can receive a debit card from PayPal to access your account, or request that PayPal send you a check.

How do I know you'll pay me?

If you're concerned, try a task or two first and see how quickly you're paid. When you complete a task correctly by 5:00PM Pacific Time, we add money to your CloudCrowd account by midnight of the next business day.

How do you know the work I do is accurate?

CloudCrowd uses a proprietary method to cross-check your answers with answers from other workers, and with answers to which we already know the correct answer. Each task you perform correctly will increase your credibility score. By answering correctly you'll be able to continue to work on CloudCrowd projects and gain access to a wider range of work.

How do I make real money?

You deserve fair compensation for the work you do on CloudCrowd. When we price tasks, we estimate completion time to help us calculate compensation. Since most tasks don't take long to complete, try a few types of work and see what you like. Even tasks paying $.01 each can add up if you're able to complete them quickly and accurately.

How does CloudCrowd find work?

CloudCrowd actively approaches companies to find work they need done quickly and efficiently. When a company gives us a project, we break it down into a smaller set of tasks that you complete.
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