Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Real Work Online Get Paid while On FACEBOOK

I have personally tried this and It really worked, I just thought of sharing this as most of us wanted to earn lil extra while online....I got paid the day after I did my task. Real task , it is not paid per c_lick thing, it is real work that you have to do, categorizing business link and so on. The higher your credential, the bigger your rate per task.You manage your amount of time you want to spend doing the task. It don't cost you a thing to try , no credit cards no hassles, just simply add this apps to your FACEBOOK account If you have any questions just post comment.....


What's the work like?

Typical projects include image and video tagging, finding information online, and quick writing and editing projects. Work ranges in difficulty, and longer tasks typically pay more. With the variety of work offered, we’re sure you’ll find tasks you enjoy.


Why Earn Money With CloudCrowd?

  • No set schedule - Work for 5 minutes or 5 hours. Work at 2 PM or 2 AM.
  • Work wherever you want - Work from home, or wherever you're most comfortable--anywhere you have a computer and internet access.
  • Work today, get paid the next business day* - Your time is valuable, so you get compensated quickly.


How do I get paid?

You get paid the next business day via PayPal when your work is approved before 5:00PM Pacific Time. You need a PayPal account to get paid for the work you do on CloudCrowd. If you don't already have one, sign up for your free account here.

How do I deposit earnings into a bank account?

Paypal will directly deposit your earnings into your bank account if you chose. Alternatively, you can receive a debit card from PayPal to access your account, or request that PayPal send you a check.

How do I know you'll pay me?

If you're concerned, try a task or two first and see how quickly you're paid. When you complete a task correctly by 5:00PM Pacific Time, we add money to your CloudCrowd account by midnight of the next business day.

How do you know the work I do is accurate?

CloudCrowd uses a proprietary method to cross-check your answers with answers from other workers, and with answers to which we already know the correct answer. Each task you perform correctly will increase your credibility score. By answering correctly you'll be able to continue to work on CloudCrowd projects and gain access to a wider range of work.

How do I make real money?

You deserve fair compensation for the work you do on CloudCrowd. When we price tasks, we estimate completion time to help us calculate compensation. Since most tasks don't take long to complete, try a few types of work and see what you like. Even tasks paying $.01 each can add up if you're able to complete them quickly and accurately.

How does CloudCrowd find work?

CloudCrowd actively approaches companies to find work they need done quickly and efficiently. When a company gives us a project, we break it down into a smaller set of tasks that you complete.


andy cacho said...

aus yan...nakaka US 0.50 cents pa nga lang ako jan first time ko magtask,,,finding the email contact of different site task..hehehe..pay naman sila agad sa paypal account ko...

jh3riz24 said...

I have few friends now that tried it yesterday after I shared this and instanly makin money.

Gee said...

Hmmm.. I think I should try this sis. Thanks for sharing. Do you need to have a lot of friends to join this?

Anonymous said...

no you dont, just add the apps to your facebook and it will show you if there are task available for you...it really pays real. just try , it wont cost u a thing to add the apps in facebook

andy cacho said...

ei! thanks for commenting on my investment video...!..yesterday...i made 10 cents categorizing websites on cloudcrowd..in 10 min...but some jods is way above my cedentials ahahahah!

Gee said...

Thanks for the reply. I'll do it now with my "purely for blogging" FB account. Wink!

Sam said...

wow, i never thought you could earn money through facebook. i'm going to try this one, thanks for the share!

Resa said...

nice info :)

tricks n tips blog

Rossel said...

thanks for sharing this. will try it soon.

btw, you're one of my top ec droppers last month. here's a linky love for you.


FreeMoneyMaker said...

Its looking really interesting.I will try soon,by the way are you owner of this site cloudcrowd?

Vera said...

I still haven't tried Cloud Crowd even after seeing other bloggers being successful on it. How much is the average pay per task, would you know? Thanks!

josie said...

Same question as Vera :)will be back for the reply.

jh3riz24 said...

It average at .02 per task if your credential is "25" . Your credebility goes up if you do your task right , if you have 31 credential which is not hard to get. you can get that over a 24 hour period then you will get a rate ranges from .02 to 1.79 ...so it just depends on your credebility and availability of task. Sorry for the late reply, my network is just given me hassle lately. I would like to post a screen cap but my net speed is not letting me. hayzzzz

High Risk Business Loans said...

Nice One, I didnt knew that i can do some other things also on facebook than just playing a games.. I will surely try and give you a review..

joana said...

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Sushil Kumar Kushwaha said...

Really A good Blog Article Shared by you

Thanks For Sharing Such a Nice informative blog.


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