Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Intense Debate,Brings Comment to Different Level

Go to IntenseDebate
commentluvBring your comment box to the next level switch to Intense Debate. It's about a month now since I converted my comment box into intense debate. It just brings your comment section into different level, better interaction and also some plug ins that used to be only available for Wordpress platform, like CommentLuv which I just liked the most which let my commenter post their latest blog post URL. Please do put your blog URL to benefit the COMMENTLUV plug in. It is not really complicated to switch either, it only takes few steps and ability to follow instructions and taking time to read and there should be no problem. For Blogger platform, it will hide your previous comments if you choose to convert all your post including the old posts into Intense Debate. So let it be known that it does give you that option. With me, I don't want to hide the old post because I don't want my commenter before to think that I deleted their comments so I decided to convert just the newer posts. If you can see, some of my post are on intense debate and the older ones are still on old system. I would recommend converting to Intense Debate by inserting code through template, as the other option which is adding the widget will slow down the upload speed of your page and we all know that is not good. Please check their website for more info.
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Sunday, September 26, 2010


ebay bucks

Most people know that you can get good deals on EBAY. But not all good deals are all that great because there are lots of things to watch out for when you are bidding. Most common mistakes new Ebay bidder does is not checking the shipping cost, relying too much on pictures and not the actual description and condition of the product and not checking if it is new or refurbished. I have been bidding products on EBAY for 4 years now. I have to admit I made few "not-so-good-deals". Although most of my purchases on Ebay are "BUY IT NOW" products, I still became leery buying electronics like laptops and cellphones. I don't mind buying like webcam and memory cards and other accessories for computer and cellphones because they are usually really  cheaper on EBAY and some hard to find products can be found  here too . The fact that it is hard to return products on EBAY is one reason  you are still better off buying expensive electronics in your local store so you can return  without having to pay the shipping cost again. But the other day . I just got my webcam and spare cellphone battery for free on EBAY using my "Ebay Bucks". This is pretty nice idea they come up with but there are some qualifications. I been on EBAY BUCKS few months now and since I bid often on EBAY, I really get the benefit of it. Ebay Bucks is open for U.S. residents, of legal age and uses PAYPAL. Here are general info about it , for more info please check ebay bucks promo.

What is the eBay Bucks Rewards Program?
The eBay Bucks Rewards Program is designed to reward eBay members for purchasing items on EBAY If you join, you'll automatically accrue rewards in the form of eBay Bucks based on your qualifying purchases. Upon the completion of each calendar quarter, the eBay Bucks you earned over that 3 month period will be issued to you in the form of an eBay Bucks Certificate. You can use this Certificate to buy more things on eBay!

What is not considered a qualifying purchase?
Qualifying purchases excludes all Classifieds, Business & Industrial Capital Equipment, Real Estate, and eBay Motors categories (except Parts & Accessories in eBay Motors, which will earn eBay Bucks).

Does this program cost anything?
Enrollment in eBay Bucks Program and participation are FREE. There is no cost.

What changes for prior Beta Program Participants?
Existing eBay Bucks members do not need to re-enroll. The current earn period as well as your account balance simply continues and you keep racking up Rewards

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Save Money, Do It Yourself Car Repair

My offline work is very demanding, I travel 100 miles average daily visiting my patients around countryside and remote areas. Sometimes I go to towns and cities I never been to before so imagine me going through several rigs after years of work to keep up with my travel needs and have a reliable car. With that amount of mileage I have to travel daily, me and my coworkers usually drives a "fuel efficient cars" not necessarily hybrid. I wish I can afford to go hybrid, as much as I like to try but I am not financially ready for it yet.

It is pretty common to see Ford Escort in our company's parking lot or other compact type of different make. You can't imagine how much I saved by driving a compact type car compared to driving my big truck. It is almost buying my compact car for free for all the money I saved on gas cost monthly. Not just that, I also saved some money because it cost less to repair, maintain and replacement parts for compact cars compare to SUV and Trucks. Believe me one time I have to have my timing belt replaced and that cost me an arm and a leg. It is hard not knowing much about cars. Even a simple repair like that, I have not enough confidence to do it myself.

After years of having to deal with minor repairs and going to repair shop. I realized I am better off buying a repair manual and do it myself. Sometimes some auto mechanics take advantage of your ignorance with cars. Me particularly is not really an auto mechanic and auto terms savvy nor knows much what's under the hood of my car. It will definitely help to be familiarized with the terms and parts of an automobile and slowly build confidence to work on simple task. So since I have my own repair manual I have managed to change oil, change flat tire and do little maintenance and safety check like check water pump and stuffs by using repair manual. I even upgraded my stereo system and installed subwoofers. With our digital world , we can even get repair manuals on CD or search online. It is unbelievable how much information we get online. Next time you have to do minor repairs, go online first and save yourself some bucks. Read More......

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

I want to thank Angel Rhona for naming me one of her picks for Beautiful Blogger Award . As I mentioned, this is my first award and I am grateful for giving my blog the recognition even if I am pretty new. You are awesome! Can I add you as one of my picks? hehehe. Of course with about less than 3 months of blogging I have came across some cool sites and their post definitely need recognition too. I may not know them personally but based on their posts, I would pass these Beautiful Blogger Award to :

One Proud Momma
Basic Bloganomics
Lady Java's Lounge
Pop Ups Of My Mind
Elai's Precious Angels
Womens Self Esteem.com

Don't forget to:
Thank and link to the person that gave you the award.
Pass this award onto 10 bloggers you've recently discovered and think are fantastic.
Contact said Blogs and let them know they've won.
State 7 things about yourself

Things About Me:
1. I never really enjoy reading books but I love reading through internet lol.
2. The only computer class I took back in college was Word Processing.
3. Started blogging 3 months ago and spend more than 8-10 hours online ;P
4. I got interested with web designing back then popular Friendster.com awarded my profile as third best customized profile in the whole U.S. ( I thought that was cool)
5. I used to play badminton and represent Cebu (Region 7) for the National PRISSAA and PALARO 4 times of my college yrs.
6. I am From Zamboanga, went to college in Cebu City (Southwestern University)
7. I love the Philippines, it is HOME Read More......

Friday, September 17, 2010

Windows Internet Explorer 9 Beta

I just recently reformatted my netbook and my laptop , I thought of just wanting a fresh clean pc and I noticed my computer then was getting slow with all the "add ons". That was just 2 days ago where I installed insternet explorer on Windows regular update. Now I have seen Internet Explorer 9 Beta version popping up. So tried it, immediately I see the familiarity of the window. It look just like Google Chrome and encourage to disable ad ons to make the browser faster. Hmmmmm about time they  do something. I'll stick and  test this  some more to see what good changes they made. Read More......

Monday, September 13, 2010

Adgitize Advertising Pays Back

Adgitize your web site.

It's about two months and a half now since I started blogging. I was kinda reluctant to "publicise" my site before but I gave it a try anyhow. So I tried a month for Adgitize and instantly I saw traffic had increased and found out I also got paid lil extra if you publicise. I pretty much earn back what I paid for a month of "publishing" if you become more active. So here I posted a proof of my payment from Adgitize through my paypal account.

Thanks Adgitize for the payment and for the friendly customer service that is willing to listen and help new blogger like me. Unlike other publishing group I found which given my new blog a cold treatment and unprofessional comment and being told "my posts don't make sense at all." Considering my blog was only 3 days old at that time, I would rather hear them told me that my blog need more contents than be told bluntly and so sarcastic. Read More......

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Jheriz Joins Music Monday

Lost Without You by Robin Thicke , it's my all time fave and it mean a lot to me. I sang this to my "Asawa" often specially when I wanted to calm her mood lolz.

Come join Music Monday and share your songs with us. Rules are simple. Leave ONLY the actual post link here and grab the code below and place it at your blog entry. You can grab this code at LadyJava's Lounge Please note these links are STRICTLY for Music Monday participants only. All others will be deleted without prejudice.

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Visiting Toronto, Visiting Her


I spent my weekend in Toronto with my Honey that's why I was not able to reply to messages recently. Stayed at Four Points Sheraton Hotel Lake Shore , great view and accommodation. I would really like to make an individual reviews of the hotels and restaurants we visited. Bottom line is we had a blast in Toronto, spend time together, dine together and visited our friend Yhen who took us to her cousin's birthday party. We met few people and visited for a short period. By the way thanks Yhen for the Tim Horton Coffee , sure was a treat and taste good specially that cold night.

Four Points Sheraton Lake Shorelakeshore

There are lots of places we planned on going but with limited time we had, we just have to squeeze in whatever is on our top list with the amount of time we have First we planned on going to Centre Island, was gonna take the ferry , found a parking spot but it was too cold yet my Honey wearing tank top on and shorts, so we decided to go shopping for jacket first, went to Union Station and took the train and head towards Eaton Centre. Great sale on Aeropotale lol so finally we both got our "hoodies" then head back down and so we decided to take the PATH and went to see CN Tower up close. There we took our time but we actually forgot our time is running fast and hardly had time to to go Centre Island. ohh well we had a great downtown stroll that day.
Niagara fallsskylon
Then the following day we drove to Niagara Falls which is about 1 and half considering traffic and try go karting. Yes! we had great time then decided to make reservation at the world-famous Revolving Dining Room overlooking Niagara Falls There we took lots of pictures , we just can't enough of the breath taking sight while dining. The restaurant actually revolve a full rotation in an hour, so we got to see the view around Skylon tower. The food taste great and the desserts are just to die for.it was yummy! I have to say , it was one of the best tasting vanilla cheesecake I had and she ordered Chocolate Amaretto Torte. The whole experience was memorable and very romantic ahihihi.
our ridego kart
after riding the mustang, time to ride go kart lol
Photobucketskylon tower Rainbow Bridge connecting Canada and U.S.
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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Simple tip for Blogspot account who decided to remove Navigation Bar


I wanted to share simple tip for Blogger.com platform user who have decided to remove the navigation bar. If you are like me who update your blog often , you will find it having to go back to edit page or design page and without the navigation bar, you will find yourself finding ways to click back to dashboard.

link list

One quick way is either you can save the dashboard URL to your browser's favorite list or you can do like I did. I've added the dashboard link to my "link List Plug In" . Copy the Dashboard URL below and save the link to your browsers favorite list or add it to your "Link List plug in"
How To Remove The Navigation Bar 
 TECH-REVIVE  for the Instruction
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