Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Intense Debate,Brings Comment to Different Level

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commentluvBring your comment box to the next level switch to Intense Debate. It's about a month now since I converted my comment box into intense debate. It just brings your comment section into different level, better interaction and also some plug ins that used to be only available for Wordpress platform, like CommentLuv which I just liked the most which let my commenter post their latest blog post URL. Please do put your blog URL to benefit the COMMENTLUV plug in. It is not really complicated to switch either, it only takes few steps and ability to follow instructions and taking time to read and there should be no problem. For Blogger platform, it will hide your previous comments if you choose to convert all your post including the old posts into Intense Debate. So let it be known that it does give you that option. With me, I don't want to hide the old post because I don't want my commenter before to think that I deleted their comments so I decided to convert just the newer posts. If you can see, some of my post are on intense debate and the older ones are still on old system. I would recommend converting to Intense Debate by inserting code through template, as the other option which is adding the widget will slow down the upload speed of your page and we all know that is not good. Please check their website for more info.