Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Visiting Toronto, Visiting Her


I spent my weekend in Toronto with my Honey that's why I was not able to reply to messages recently. Stayed at Four Points Sheraton Hotel Lake Shore , great view and accommodation. I would really like to make an individual reviews of the hotels and restaurants we visited. Bottom line is we had a blast in Toronto, spend time together, dine together and visited our friend Yhen who took us to her cousin's birthday party. We met few people and visited for a short period. By the way thanks Yhen for the Tim Horton Coffee , sure was a treat and taste good specially that cold night.

Four Points Sheraton Lake Shorelakeshore

There are lots of places we planned on going but with limited time we had, we just have to squeeze in whatever is on our top list with the amount of time we have First we planned on going to Centre Island, was gonna take the ferry , found a parking spot but it was too cold yet my Honey wearing tank top on and shorts, so we decided to go shopping for jacket first, went to Union Station and took the train and head towards Eaton Centre. Great sale on Aeropotale lol so finally we both got our "hoodies" then head back down and so we decided to take the PATH and went to see CN Tower up close. There we took our time but we actually forgot our time is running fast and hardly had time to to go Centre Island. ohh well we had a great downtown stroll that day.
Niagara fallsskylon
Then the following day we drove to Niagara Falls which is about 1 and half considering traffic and try go karting. Yes! we had great time then decided to make reservation at the world-famous Revolving Dining Room overlooking Niagara Falls There we took lots of pictures , we just can't enough of the breath taking sight while dining. The restaurant actually revolve a full rotation in an hour, so we got to see the view around Skylon tower. The food taste great and the desserts are just to die for.it was yummy! I have to say , it was one of the best tasting vanilla cheesecake I had and she ordered Chocolate Amaretto Torte. The whole experience was memorable and very romantic ahihihi.
our ridego kart
after riding the mustang, time to ride go kart lol
Photobucketskylon tower Rainbow Bridge connecting Canada and U.S.