Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Improved Ebay Buyer Protection

Ebay and Paypal now have an improved way to dispute Ebay purchases. Not that I have real problem with dispute before on Ebay but with Paypal and Ebay improved way to settle dispute Ebay purchases made it faster and less confusing to process complains and give buyers more peace of mind knowing that Paypal/Ebay is on their side.Buyers will receive coverage for the full purchase price of the item, plus original shipping. We all know that when you buy online, not all sellers are prompt with shipping or responding to your concerns so with this newly improved way, the seller will have no choice but refund your money even if they don't respond after certain length of time. So first contact the seller before opening a case. Paypal actually hold the funds for a certain period before they forward the money to the seller, with this, Ebay/Paypal can try to assist resolve the issue and give refunds faster. Watch the DEMO here.