Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Earn Extra with Google Adsense

When I had my blog a month old I just got curious one time about monetizing blog using Google Adsense. I heard lots of blogger emphasized how they like Google Adsense so I tried it. I hit the "monetize" tab on my Blogger dashboard and it led me through the registration process then set up my adsense setting. About 2 months after the  account was created and I did not even check my Google Adsense account and one day I did, I was surprised to see that I actually earned just by putting the Widget on my site. So I started adding other blogs that I maintained to the same Google Adsense account and I see the earnings building up. How cool is that?

Last week my Google Adsense account was about 3 months old and I got a "hold payment" alert. So I went through that, set up my preferred payment method and found out Google Adsense need to send me a pin number for confirmation. Sure enough after 3 days I got my Pin Number in my mail. As a matter of fact that was this afternoon and I was real excited and opened it first. Thanks Google for the real fast delivery and for Adsense opportunity.