Monday, November 15, 2010

Online Reservations

Whatever your travel needs for the upcoming Holidays try to plan ahead. Nowadays we can book hotel rooms, rent a car and buy plane tickets online which make it a lot more convenient and not worry where to stay when you get to your destination unless you have relatives that picks you up in the airport and place to stay. After several trips I have learned that renting cars online is by far the best way to go specially on peak travel season. I do suggest try to reserve way advance. I have experienced last summer that I did not reserve the car after I booked my plane ticket because I thought it would be convenient to just do it right at the counter. That was a big mistake! It turned out I walked in to more than 5 rental car counters and all of them said fully booked. They only entertain people who have reserved online. I managed to rent a car at Alamo but it cost me $90.00 per day plus tax and other fees cost me almost $ 150.00 a day when I could have rented that for $27.00 - $ 50.00 per day and even cheaper if booked as package with plane ticket. The difference is I did not reserve online. I learned from it so now my next visit I made sure I book ahead of time. This December I will be back in Toronto again and I had a hard time finding a 8 passenger SUV on the dates I needed. I managed to find online but it is not a familiar company but I am desperate so I anyone knows someone in Toronto area that I could rent an SUV please buzz. Thanks