Saturday, January 15, 2011

Thank You

I am finally back from a long break....I've done some traveling to Canada and some skiing to few places and with the Holidays I just gotten real busy catching up with everything. Now am back again blogging. Whew! it is nice to be back home.
During all my travels, I hardly use my netbook at all. I finally got me the Iphone 4 and it really do the things I need it for. When I was in the airport I manage to do some online games, check facebook, email and even video call using skype or yahoo messenger all the way inside the airplane hehehe how cool is that huh, and I love the camera and lots of free cool apps to download. I actually learned few tricks on sharing paid apps from one iphone to ipod or to my girlfriend who is in Canada . This I will be sharing the info in my future posts. Hope everyone had a great Holidays..