Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tightened U.S. Customs Delayed Incoming International Packages Affecting Ebay

I am not too happy to know this changes although I know this change is for security purposes. This tightened U.S. customs turned off Ebay customers from buying products outside the country. It used to that I receive my items within 10 to 14 days but now it has reached more than a month. I thought it was due to the Holiday rush but when I checked one of the tracking links from one of my favorite sellers reply, I saw the notice regarding the tightened customs stating :

Important Notice: Got notice from the US customs that all packets (from all countries) to US will be subject to stricter screening. Postage time to the US will be about 3-7days delayed due to tightened customs control and screening. 
 As for me, buying generic products in Hong Kong really saves
 money. Of course the Ebay sellers are not going to tell people how much delay it would take , the notice says 3-7 days but based on my 3 orders already I had 3-4 weeks delay........ it would definitely change the way I would search product from now on.