Saturday, August 20, 2011

Helping Hands

Early morning today my phone rung, that made me wake up from a deep sleep. It was a call from my best friend who live in Austin,Texas. It's been a month we didn't have much chat since she moved from Canada to Texas. She's whining about what happen to her newly installed cream white carpet.

She had a house blessing party two days ago, because she's too busy minding and getting to know her neighbors. She did not noticed that one of her guest, spilled red wine on the carpet. She's asking if I could help her to find some company that offers a carpet services. Since she just moved only a month ago, she's not yet familiar with her environment. So I decided to contact my Aunt Leny, who lived in Austin too. She gave me this site http://www.thesteamteam.com/
. They've been in years of services for maintaining and cleaning carpet around the Austin and Dallas,Texas. They also offered not just cleaning services for air ducting, tile and upholstery but also carpet repairing austin. She really recommended dry rug cleaning austin because she's been a regular customer and very satisfied with their services. She told me that my best friend will never regret on choosing this company. Later that day, my best friend called me again that she already contacted and made an appointment.