Friday, October 28, 2011

Creativeness for Halloween

Halloween is one of kids favorite speacial yearly event. I know most kids really look forward to this date. I have noticed some organizations specially church groups tried to change the way people celebrate Halloween. Instead of scary monsters or meassy zombies or vampires , this group try to wear like angels and biblical characters. In some office groups also celebrate Halloween by wearing super heroes or Hollywood charcaters. My friends office try to ceberate by wearing healthcare uniforms She would try and buy hers online at http://www.blueskyscrubs.com/categories/Scrubs/Scrubs-for-Men/.

I really enjoy watching some halloween decorations in the neighborhood. I may not be a zombie or scary movie fanatic but people do get really creative with decorations. I saw some people uses bale of hay to create a maze or boxes to make it look like coffins in front of their house. Cob web really made it look like the house is abandoned and here my neighbor actually have some sound effects. Black cat would be part of the sight, or witches. One time this witch decoration made it look like it slammed on the wall. It really looked funny. My coworker had a broom with sign on it that says "the witches at work". It is really fun and intertaining!

The pumpkin carving. Yes! it won't be complete without the pumpins. Carving pumpkins is not an easy thing to do nor it is safe. I would not recommend little kids to do this without adult supervision. As fun as it seems but dealing with sharp knives and blades is dangerous and not safe at all. So make sure to keep an eye of your children when doing this. Some people do not even carve the pumpkins, they just create something aout of it to make an object or something, like a man with pumpin head. This way, you can really be creative.
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Friday, October 21, 2011

Easy Self Learning Online

Online classes are getting popularity now because it is convenient specially to some people who learns fast just by reading or following instructions. Self learning is not for everyone but there are some classes and lessons that are better learned alone on your own pace. Like guitar lessons, I have done this and managed to learn simple songs. Like learning second language where they let you watch video and repeat after each word. Even our agency has an online class to keep up with updates and yearly educational requirement to keep up with our licenses. Read More......

"Fixer-Upper" Deals

There have been several disadvantages about buying a clunker or should I say a fixer-upper items but you can make money on them too if you are like me who likes to touch up things and fix stuffs, then you know what I am talking about. There are lots of ways to make money fixing things. Like last summer I bought a used ATV for three hundred but the owner said some problem starting it. I went ahead and bought the needed parts after few hours of troubleshooting to an ATV Parts Store. I feel so great after spending less than two hundred on parts and it run like a charm. I sold it after few months of use and make money out of it. I have done this few times now also with boats and furniture items. I guess someone with plenty of time can really make more money doing this. Read More......

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Medical Advancement

My dad fought lung cancer for more than a year. He has so much faith to prayers, miracles and also he thinks medicine has advance so much it can cure almost any disease. That was my dad, being from the Philippines compared to U.S. , it really has great advancement here in States. Ever thought of hormones? I wonder how hormone contribute to our disease process. Hormone replacement therapynow been offered to some hospitals as part of disease prevention. I have great belief that prevention is better than cure. Health insurance should encourage this and cover the therapy. Wonder how much they would save preventing a disease than going through paying every single treatment of major diseases. I am not saying that this is a cure to all health problem but some. Read More......

Online Profile Safety Tips

There are lots of friend networking and other social networks but how safe it really is? Facebook specially being as popular as it is, there are lots of flaws with their privacy settings. Last month when they have maintenance and done lots of updates, it also made few changes on my profile privacy settings. Some of you who have profiles on some free dating sites, it is best and I would recommend to check your profile from a friends account or from a different browser or search yourself from different browser aside from the browser you use to log in your account. It is best that you check how your profile is viewed from outside the network. Facebook actually have this feature but still try to search your name in google when you are logged out of that network. Read More......

Friday, October 14, 2011

Save Money Using Coupons

My one and only niece had been after me for days after I missed her birthday and not just that, I still haven't send her a present. I have to admit I have been busy lately and finding a trendy clothing for teens are real time consuming. I went ahead and look for what are great buys and great value without sacrificing the quality. If I know my niece, she likes to follow trends. One of my friends had a great idea of using coupons to cut down the cost for some expensive brands. So after searching I found a wet seal coupons at dropdowndeals. I can't believe how convenient now to find coupons and finding great deal online. I am sure my niece will love the selections and colors. How can I go wrong buying a high end product at a cut down price? Read More......

Saturday, October 8, 2011


It is not very often that you want to hide a file in your pc but for some of those that wanted to know how, this is the post for you.
1. Right click the folder or file that you want to hide and click "properties". Refer to photo below.

hide file

2. Once property window pops out, all you need go to attibutes and check mark "hidden" box . click "apply" and then "ok" . This will hide the floder/file. Goodluck!

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