Friday, October 28, 2011

Creativeness for Halloween

Halloween is one of kids favorite speacial yearly event. I know most kids really look forward to this date. I have noticed some organizations specially church groups tried to change the way people celebrate Halloween. Instead of scary monsters or meassy zombies or vampires , this group try to wear like angels and biblical characters. In some office groups also celebrate Halloween by wearing super heroes or Hollywood charcaters. My friends office try to ceberate by wearing healthcare uniforms She would try and buy hers online at http://www.blueskyscrubs.com/categories/Scrubs/Scrubs-for-Men/.

I really enjoy watching some halloween decorations in the neighborhood. I may not be a zombie or scary movie fanatic but people do get really creative with decorations. I saw some people uses bale of hay to create a maze or boxes to make it look like coffins in front of their house. Cob web really made it look like the house is abandoned and here my neighbor actually have some sound effects. Black cat would be part of the sight, or witches. One time this witch decoration made it look like it slammed on the wall. It really looked funny. My coworker had a broom with sign on it that says "the witches at work". It is really fun and intertaining!

The pumpkin carving. Yes! it won't be complete without the pumpins. Carving pumpkins is not an easy thing to do nor it is safe. I would not recommend little kids to do this without adult supervision. As fun as it seems but dealing with sharp knives and blades is dangerous and not safe at all. So make sure to keep an eye of your children when doing this. Some people do not even carve the pumpkins, they just create something aout of it to make an object or something, like a man with pumpin head. This way, you can really be creative.