Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Early Start Making Money

For me, all babies are cute and cuddly. I am almost always tempted to pinch or touch a baby's face because they are simply irresistible and so adorable. I have seen babies on commercial advertisements and I really believe these are cool but it make me wonder how does some of these babies feel or when they grow up and look back baby modeling years. It must be cool if you come to think of it , like the gerber baby, wonder how old she or he really is now and able to look back how her photo become the official gerber logo? Or is there such Gerber baby? How do parents get to sign up to have their babies become models? I am all for money making and earning so I guess this is a great idea for some parents that want to get their babies started on the spotlight of cameras. Of course, the cute smile, chubby cheeks and smooth healthy baby skin is what most people look for when we think babies. I guess it also depends for what scene and products they needed the baby's image for.