Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Saving Time Having The Right Tools

My mom just got back from the Philippines in time for the Thanksgiving day celebration. She went to Cebu City Philippines to do some business regarding real estate. Some documentation needs copies of certain papers that is still here in the States. I am glad I have document imaging software and made the transaction smooth and hassle free. Everything turn out fine and accepted without problem. It is an advantage to have and very handy when time like such. If I know my mom, she easily discourage on little things if it don't turn out fine on first try. She has been realy down lately with the loss of my Dad so this really helped and save some trouble. She knows little about technical stuff so she don't really know how simple task could sometimes be problematic if not done right or if do not have the right tools or software. It is very hard to explain technical things if she does not know much abaout it. Ohh well, all I know is simple software like this really saves time and headache.