Wednesday, January 25, 2012

TV Can Be Educational

Lately I have been real interested with home designs, renovations, and home and garden ideas particularly doing it by myself. There are lots of things that can be learned just by watching the show.It helps and gives you hints on particular locations like finding apartments for rent in Calgary. I may help my friend find her place to stay but being a home owner is different because it gives me the freedom to change decor or painting color as you please. I can imagine before when I have to rent an apartment that even simple as putting up a picture frame scares you.

I surely enjoy owning my house and watching now on television shows about real estate where it gives you tips and great ideas about buying a house. One show particularly is about Canada realty and helping people buy properties in Canada, mostly from Toronto and they even assist people who are looking apartments. I can see why lots of people choose to rent but after watching these shows, it give me a lot of ideas and help you decide between renting or buying a home. I guess it just depends on how much stable you are in the area or if you even qualify for mortgage.

I already managed to change color in my living room twice and redid my carpet floor into hardwood floors. I really love the hardwood now compare to the old carpeting specially with my two little dogs, it make the cleaning up so easy. No more carpet shampooing and dusty vacuuming every week.One of the changes I made and created a huge difference is I removed the peninsula cabinet in my kitchen and created an open floor layout and made an island from the cabinets off the peninsula to match the old cabinetry. All these ideas I got from watching television shows and being inspired by what I saw and created my own project. I love my kitchen now and I am still trying to do more project around house. Next one would be more woodworking. Hope to get more inspiration. Read More......

Memories to Last

I went through my old photos back in collage over the weekend and came across this particular photo of a friend. She is my roommate's sister. I got along with my roommate just like a sister so every time her sisters visited, I am always part of the visit and so her sisters became my real good friends too. It was through her that I learned to play guitar. I remember the first song she taught me and it was only four tabs played repeatedly and it played the music. She then have to sell her guitar to me due to financial reason. She uses the guitar even after I bought it but I do the changing of cello strings every time it needs replacements. Oh well, I really enjoy playing and now that I am here in States, I bought myself a new set. Though I still remember Liza. Read More......

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dollar Store Great Finds

I very seldom go to dollar stores because I seem to buy goodies that was not needed but only the things I like. I was surprised last time I went I saw items that I did not expect got sold in their stores. Iphone accessories like the one I like most is clear case and even the retractable Iphone USB/data cord which I used and really needed badly so I can recharge my phone. So I decided to grab three pieces of each so I can plug one in my car and one in my kitchen and one in bedroom. I told my friends and family about it and they too grab few. These are just few items I like in dollar stores. Last Christmas I bought lots of gift wrapping and bags for all presents here. So next time you have parties, try going to dollar stores first, you never know how much deals you get and cut the cost for a colorful party. Read More......

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Long Distance Relationship Challenges

My girlfriend who lives in Canada spent time with my family for the holiday. It has been almost two years now that we have to live apart due to immigration and work. There have been plans of me moving to Edmonton but I just cannot leave my family behind and with economy being bad in United States, it is hard to move and sell my house without selling it real low price or have to wait so long to sell. So we decided to just do visits every often until we decide to settle.

I like it in Canada but there are lots of things to consider but I don't mind trying to move temporarily but not any longer than a year just so we can be together longer. I am hoping she will get her permanent resident status this summer so she can probably try to find a different employer and move in closer to the border near Washington State.This has been our long term goal to be able to be close together so we can spend more time with family and friends. For now, we are just glad and enjoy of her being able to cross the U.S. Canada border.
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Spending Time With Family Is the Best Gift Ever

After the holiday vacation, now I am starting to catch up with my old and normal routine. Back to work again and start doing patient visit instead of doing Cooking Jobs for the holiday. I was doing lots of cooking and serving special food and holiday treats. I enjoyed every minute of it specially spending precious time with my family. Cooking and baking is very tasking job but when you make it int a family matter, it become more fun. I do not want to get started like some other people who have made Christmas so commercialized and into material stuff. I like to make it the way I was raised who enjoy Christmas with family and enjoy each others company visiting or playing games together. These time of year where spending more time indoor is essential to stay warm and comfortable. Read More......