Thursday, January 5, 2012

Long Distance Relationship Challenges

My girlfriend who lives in Canada spent time with my family for the holiday. It has been almost two years now that we have to live apart due to immigration and work. There have been plans of me moving to Edmonton but I just cannot leave my family behind and with economy being bad in United States, it is hard to move and sell my house without selling it real low price or have to wait so long to sell. So we decided to just do visits every often until we decide to settle.

I like it in Canada but there are lots of things to consider but I don't mind trying to move temporarily but not any longer than a year just so we can be together longer. I am hoping she will get her permanent resident status this summer so she can probably try to find a different employer and move in closer to the border near Washington State.This has been our long term goal to be able to be close together so we can spend more time with family and friends. For now, we are just glad and enjoy of her being able to cross the U.S. Canada border.