Wednesday, January 25, 2012

TV Can Be Educational

Lately I have been real interested with home designs, renovations, and home and garden ideas particularly doing it by myself. There are lots of things that can be learned just by watching the show.It helps and gives you hints on particular locations like finding apartments for rent in Calgary. I may help my friend find her place to stay but being a home owner is different because it gives me the freedom to change decor or painting color as you please. I can imagine before when I have to rent an apartment that even simple as putting up a picture frame scares you.

I surely enjoy owning my house and watching now on television shows about real estate where it gives you tips and great ideas about buying a house. One show particularly is about Canada realty and helping people buy properties in Canada, mostly from Toronto and they even assist people who are looking apartments. I can see why lots of people choose to rent but after watching these shows, it give me a lot of ideas and help you decide between renting or buying a home. I guess it just depends on how much stable you are in the area or if you even qualify for mortgage.

I already managed to change color in my living room twice and redid my carpet floor into hardwood floors. I really love the hardwood now compare to the old carpeting specially with my two little dogs, it make the cleaning up so easy. No more carpet shampooing and dusty vacuuming every week.One of the changes I made and created a huge difference is I removed the peninsula cabinet in my kitchen and created an open floor layout and made an island from the cabinets off the peninsula to match the old cabinetry. All these ideas I got from watching television shows and being inspired by what I saw and created my own project. I love my kitchen now and I am still trying to do more project around house. Next one would be more woodworking. Hope to get more inspiration.