Saturday, February 18, 2012

Room Renovation

Since my Mom and I now left in my place, we decided to downsize and make few changes starting in our bedrooms. For now we repainted one bedroom and move few furniture around. Mom wanted her bed more in the center now instead of being on the side and our vanity tables we switch them around because the one she had did not matched with her new color to make the bedroom more lighter color. It took us few days to rearrange the furniture around and couple of days for dry time of the paint. Just that simple change in her room made a big difference to the way it look and feel inside her bedroom. Next project will be the living room. I think I will remove the carpet and replace it with hardwood flooring. I wonder what will be the outcome. Read More......

Simple Party , Big Fun

Just few days ago I celebrated my birthday. All my friends and family showed up. My mom particularly, helped me fixed some of the food. We had a great time even it was just a simple party we throw out. I noticed lots of the cards I receive was custom gift card. It is really more special being done customized. With computer printers nowadays, anyone who knows how to use a computer, pretty much know how to print her own card.

We primarily served Filipino food and my favorite is adobo and pancit. Most of my American friends look for my "lumpia" it is an Filipino eggroll and of course we serve rice. Bibingka and biko for dessert. Hopefully we will have another gathering this spring, I might try making cassava cake. So some of my friends are not sure what I was serving so they asked. It turn out fun and tummy filled. Read More......

Monday, February 13, 2012

Enjoy Window Shopping

It has been three months since I started my home renovation. Since Home Depot is pretty much the main and bigger store for things I needed in my area so I spent more time looking for any upgrades for my home fixtures. Last November I started removing carpet in my living room and now installed new hard floor. I like the looks of it though it is pretty much different walking in hard surface that when it was padded carpet. I don't remember how many times I've been back and forth in the hardware store and lumber. I even went through the tool section and picked all the main tools necessary to make the job and I remember passing by the welding equipment as I look around for soldering materials. If I can remember right, my first power tool was my drill then I got the sander, then another drill to use as screw driver so I did not have to go back and forth, then I had the circular saw. Now I got myself a router table and saw , a miter saw and a table saw for the next job. I found out that having these tools saves me time and also easy on my hands and body. It is worth to spend money on tools . With all these power equipment mentioned, always have SAFETY FIRST. Read More......

Monday, February 6, 2012

Having the Right Tools SavesTime On my First Project

I recently got into wood working and unlike most people would say that do not buy or get into much investment until you become advance wood worker. I now believe that having the right tool saves time and also make the job easier. I may not going to buy the most expensive tools but buy the right tool need to do the job.

I always wonder how those wooden crafts were made, the workmanship and the effort it takes to do the project just like the good wood nyc. These detail job always impresses me though I easily get curious and wanted to try doing things myself. I have seen craft maker and sell their products as young as nine year old.

With all that said, I decided to make my first piece of furniture project for my mom. I made her a six drawer dresser. I made it in five days, doing it after my work and all I need is put handle and finish it. I enjoy doing it though I had so much trouble being a first timer but I find it much easier doing the job starting with sharp saws and precession cutting. Next time I will start posting the pictures of my wood working projects. Read More......