Monday, February 6, 2012

Having the Right Tools SavesTime On my First Project

I recently got into wood working and unlike most people would say that do not buy or get into much investment until you become advance wood worker. I now believe that having the right tool saves time and also make the job easier. I may not going to buy the most expensive tools but buy the right tool need to do the job.

I always wonder how those wooden crafts were made, the workmanship and the effort it takes to do the project just like the good wood nyc. These detail job always impresses me though I easily get curious and wanted to try doing things myself. I have seen craft maker and sell their products as young as nine year old.

With all that said, I decided to make my first piece of furniture project for my mom. I made her a six drawer dresser. I made it in five days, doing it after my work and all I need is put handle and finish it. I enjoy doing it though I had so much trouble being a first timer but I find it much easier doing the job starting with sharp saws and precession cutting. Next time I will start posting the pictures of my wood working projects.