Saturday, February 18, 2012

Simple Party , Big Fun

Just few days ago I celebrated my birthday. All my friends and family showed up. My mom particularly, helped me fixed some of the food. We had a great time even it was just a simple party we throw out. I noticed lots of the cards I receive was custom gift card. It is really more special being done customized. With computer printers nowadays, anyone who knows how to use a computer, pretty much know how to print her own card.

We primarily served Filipino food and my favorite is adobo and pancit. Most of my American friends look for my "lumpia" it is an Filipino eggroll and of course we serve rice. Bibingka and biko for dessert. Hopefully we will have another gathering this spring, I might try making cassava cake. So some of my friends are not sure what I was serving so they asked. It turn out fun and tummy filled.