Saturday, March 17, 2012

Save Time , Have The Right Tools

It has been said, time is money and money is time so it just make sense that you have to spend time more efficiently. I have done few projects at home and at times I do it the hard way because I did not have the proper tools to do the job. It primarily because I could not afford to buy the tool or I thought it was not that hard to do. I always think about getting the right tool once I am stuck with my project. Like my friend who started to fix his own car, he is a big guy and have lots of experience with cars but I told him if he just buy a gear puller it would make it simple and saves his back from twisting and bending in most awkward position. I was not trying to be an expert but body mechanics is my expertise which he was poorly positioned that day. I am not getting any younger and saving your back just from bending and twisting is simple , you just have to remind yourself. I should say , save time and your back , just buy the tools. Sure was, the end of that week I heard him complain of his back aches. I hate to say I told you so.

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