Saturday, March 17, 2012

Simple Trick to Use Bluetooth on SKYPE Calls with Android Device

This TRICK I have personally tried using Samsung Galaxy Skyrocket S2 to use my bluetooth but I came across the same problem, I even got AD2P bluetooth headset hoping to use bluetooth headset when using skype but big disappointment when all my media sound work perfectly but during skype call, it just connect but doesn't work. So I managed to trick skype audio (making sure bluetooth is already paired and connected.)
This works for me but it still uses the devices mic not the bluetooth. Tested on my Samsung galaxy skyrocket S2 using AD2P bluetooth headset (Motorola HX550). I tried the regular bluetooth (non AD2P and it does not work)

#1 exiting skype on task manager

#2 plug the headset/mic in the jack (to trick skype that is is using the headset)

#3 now make a skype call ( you can unplug the headset once you see it ringing under headset *icon headset and it should not show that your skype call is on bluetooth mode, it should be on earpiece *icon once headset is unplug )

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