Monday, April 30, 2012

Budgeting the Time You Don't Have

I have been real busy at work lately, I finally took the offer from different agency , so now I have more clients. I have gotten less and less clients to see in the last few months. Until two weeks ago, I was not able to pass out the offer. So, lately I have been working double job and working extra time. I still do not want to let go of blogging, I enjoy doing this. It is my way to express what I think and share my opinion. But of course sometime I just getting slow about posting, even my household chores has been left out, some of my Christmas lights still need to be taken down to storage, and now the Easter table decorations needs to be put away. I just can seem to find extra time to do things specially now even after work, I still do my home renovation at night. I am just surprised I get enough energy to get up in the morning and go back to work. My clients inspires me, and I know what I am doing now will someday benefit my future resident at my own home care.