Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Chit ChaT Turned Informative

So my friend now been hospitalized for weeks and being a single mom, she had a hard time making ends meet, from utility bills to car insurance and all. After visiting her last weekend, she was more worried now how can she make it after recovering and how she pays the bills. She had insurance which is a relief and I tried to keep her mind set positively by mentioning other benefit she qualifies. She said if worse comes worse, she had thought of checking title loans Michigan which she heard from her co worker. I thought that was a great option even for myself too. I never thought of that but it is a good idea. I am going to read more about it and maybe next time I can call her and talk more about it. I know how hard it is nowadays to qualify for anything, but I know my friend will be okay. I can't wait to her from her next week, she is expecting to get out of the hospital by then.