Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Mute System, Mute the Device Not the Music

My girlfriend got an email from her niece back in Hong Kong last week and she was real excited to her from her. It's almost two years now since my girlfriend left Hong Kong. I can remember back when Cel would practice playing saxophone in the background while I talk to my girlfriend on phone. Cel just started playing saxophone at that time so I don't exactly hear rights notes or sometimes not knowing what music she was playing if you ever call it music or noise at that time. I am no expert on saxophones but I can't really tell the difference between practice type saxophones over P. Mauriat Pro Jazz Saxophones by looks but I am sure once I listen to it playing side by side, then I would know the difference. There been few times I would rather hang up because the sound on background was louder and I can't hear my girlfriend's voice clear enough. Now if Cel probably used one of these E-Sax practice mute system, I can imagine how many people, not to mention neighbors would appreciate this. I have to be honest, I did not even know there was such thing but thinking of the benefit it would be to eliminate the loud noise while practicing. So, with E-sax practice mute system in place, you can even practice at night and not to worry about waking up your neighbors or hearing complains or be told to hush it. I do understand that practice makes perfect but sometimes when it is just too loud, I can't blame neighbors to complain. Besides, saxophones are real loud so this item would really be nice to have then you can practice without reserve. I believe the neat part is there are some plugs so you can record or play along with CD. I think this is real neat to have even for professional player. What really got me was to see Cel's video link playing one of Kenny G's music, and what a difference! She really played well. My girlfriend is real proud of Cel, looking back when she helped Cel when Cel feel disappointed during practice. One thing though, Cel turned out to be a great musician. I am happy for her.