Monday, April 30, 2012

Remembering My Music

My friend Erica brought the biggest influence of my guitar interest , this was way back in college when I first got a hold of her palomino guitar. It sounded real beautiful to my ears and the way the strum the guitar was just impressive. She taught me few notes so I can play one of my favorite song, and just that, I got hooked! Funny how one simple start can bloom into some kind of interest and since then got me a new guitar set. I may not be the best guitar player but I love playing my guitar. I hope someday I get to pass it on to someone , a friend or perhaps a family member. It don't really take much to learn to play guitar, it just needs your heart put into it and follow the beat. Next thing you know is you are playing music and it is more fun playing it with other friends who can teach you and give you ideas.