Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Weekend Visit with Friend

Last weekend I visited a friend who just got out of hospital after a car accident. The news was shocking and spread out to our group of friends. It is hard to wait not knowing her actual condition or how bad the accident was when I first heard it. So, it was a relief to finally see her and talk to her. Lots of questions answered and all the wondering finally cleared. She is recovering real well, I stayed for about an hour and stayed when they served her lunch. I noticed how hard it is for her to get out of her bed so that overbed table really helpful. She can still feed herself but the moving around and getting up is still painful and lots of sore spots. Her body is covered with bruises and scratches, I can understand why she would rather stay in bed and not want to me moved much. I missed her company, I am just glad she survived that accident and thank God for watching her.