Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Own Way to Share my Blessings

I am hoping to visit Philippines next year, recently I've been saving my money even my loose coins. It is hard to break a dollar but I need all the dollars and cents I can gather because me and few of my friends will hold an event. It is a fund raising for the benefit of less fortunate children. I wish we can gather up even if we cannot afford to hire like some event companies, but with little help and time, I know we can pull this event together. It wont be much but food, gifts and entertainment for children. We have ideas of taking a whole "sorbetero" ice scream cart with 4 tubes of different flavor. I am even excited myself for that day to come. I just thought that instead of staying in some fancy hotels or eat in some fancy restaurants every time I visit Philippines, instead I will save as much as I can to lower the cost and share that saved money to bring smile to these children. I can't wait for next year.