Friday, June 15, 2012

Relaxing time with Family

The last few weeks I been spending more time with my family. I had so many things needed to be done but I realized, it will always be there and for things that can wait, I will hold off when I have more time but lately I decided to relax and spend it with family. There are few things me and Missy enjoy together, like shopping, backwoods driving, play board games, video games and puzzles likejigsaws. We like to challenge each other so that even make the game more fun. I cannot beat her into anything physicals because she is in much better shape than I do but I can definitely beat her in tactic and puzzles. I really enjoy her company and while we can still do this time together, I might as well set aside special days for these kind of stuff. I get surprised sometimes to see her facebook status mentioning how much fun she had spending it with me.