Sunday, July 8, 2012

Get Things Done for Fun

My guitar skills still same, I hardly have any time to practice anymore. I only play when I have spare time or when my friends come over for visit then we both play. It's been setting in the corner now for almost a year. Just few days ago I decided to check and was disappointed when I found out that the strings need replacement. So much for that, so I am in need of replacement to my d'addario ej26 strings. I cannot find one locally so I might try to get it online. Thank God for online shopping, it really brought out lots of possibilities. I can't wait to get one and will see if I still know how to strum my guitar or better yet, I can invite some friends so it would be more fun. I might throw in some some food to make twice the fun. I know Jess like to sing while we play the background.