Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Gift to Last

Last month, I've got this Caswell-Massey Gardenia Scent Spray as a birthday gift from my bestfriend.She's a huge fans of Caswell-Massey Brand and I do love her gift and the scent of gardenia flowers.Every time I go to work,I've usually spray a little all over my body and some of my co-workers keep on asking me and wondering which store I bought my perfume.I've been searching and looking for this brand in any local store but I couldn't find one.I've search online and I was so happy that I've got a great caswell massey deals at smallflower when I've bought a lot of their products.I was so excited to share this good deals and recommend their products to all my friends. Read More......

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Bringing the Water Fountains Indoor

These last few months I've been doing lots of upgrading and home renovations. I guess watching too much DIY network and Home and Garden channels inspire me to do home projects. I could not imagine how much I have done since I started pulling out my old carpet now hard flooring and the interior, I have done some color change to change the mood of my entire home. Lately I been noticing more and more indoor fountains installed in some clips. I could not believe how this is now possible and with the help of online stores like the indoor water fountains from WaterFountainPros.com make people like me who don't get as much choices in local stores so I like to shop online. Years before, seems like indoor fountains are only common in hotel lobbies but this online shopping brought more possibilities to residential. Consider the relaxing water sound, the brilliant lights they installed in the back ground, wow! I could not imagine how fancy it would look. Am I a dreamer or what? Read More......